Sol is a reading technology company making tools to illuminate the mind.

There’s a reader inside all of us.

Reading is awesome. It always has been, and always will be. But in an age where apps and algorithms are in a constant battle for our attention, we’re more likely to skim over the top of captions, headlines, and comments than lose ourselves in a good book. At Sol, we’re creating tools for the reader in all of us; that part yearning for something more engaging, more immersive and more, well, entertaining than a caption (or paragraph of website copy) can ever be.

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Five thousand years ago, these words would have been carved in stone. A couple thousand later, you’d be unraveling a scroll of yellowed papyrus.Jump forward a bit from there – paper! Handwritten words. Then typeset ones. Then pixels.The way we read is always changing. But across the centuries, one thing hasn’t changed: What reading can do for our minds.Whisking us away into other realms. Sparking new thoughts and ideas. Making us laugh or cry or pause to ponder.In this era of constant beeps, alerts and updates, what will the next evolution of reading look like? Simply lean back, open your eyes and let words light the way.
The way we read is always changing.
But what hasn't changed, is what reading can do:
Illuminate your mind.
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Experience the next evolution of reading.

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