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Experience the next evolution in reading.

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Deep Focus

Think of it as noise-canceling for your eyes. A completely distraction-free reading experience, designed to stand out from the digital age with the warmth and texture of E Ink.

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Total Comfort

Meet the world’s first wearable e-reader. Created to give you a more immersive reading experience. No more strained neck in bed or searching for better lighting.

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True Escape

Keep your mind switched on even with the lights off. Lean back and be transported deeper into the world of a book.

We are Sol, a reading technology company creating tools to illuminate the mind. In an age of distraction, we're reimagining the reading experience to help you feel the power of being immersed in a good book again. Discover new worlds. Revisit old ones. Uncover fresh insights and inspiration.

Simply lean back, open your eyes and let words light the way.

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